Then, and now

The past weeks (and actually, months) have raced by like the pages of a flipbook. Taking my freelance status to heart, it means I’ve had my fingers in a variety of different pies, and have been able to explore a little of the Balkans – a part of Europe missing from my adventures to date – while still managing to keep tapping away out my computer keyboard writing various things for various people.

While roaming from Greek Macedonia into The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (but maybe not for much longer), Serbia and then the stunning city of Sarajevo, I have also continued working on the manuscript stemming from my Behind the Lines adventure, feeling brave enough to send it off for others to now read and opine on.

A large part of the original impetus for following in the footsteps of my great uncle across North Africa and Italy was to attempt to retake his photographs and imitate the many postcards we returned home with (postcard sellers need to make a living even in war).

Though only ever an accidental photographer, a combination of patience and luck means I was able to reimagine a great number of his images – and I’ve collated some examples of the sorts of ways I was able to reimagine these snapshots in time in the presentation below.

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