South through Morocco

Some shouts while sitting by the walls of Rabat, and a load of protestors rush past my position followed by smiling riot police. Its more Tom & Jerry then cat and mouse tactics though.

A fitting end to Rabat was travelling down the coast road south towards the coach station, in the near intimate embrasse of the Moroccan next to me in the shared taxi.

Overnight coach to Agadir, which it turns out is a European beach resort. Its thus home to husslers, MacDonalds, and not much else.

The distance between towns in the south of Morocco is so great that there is little else to be done but travel. So I reached Tan Tan (not as nice as it sounds) on Saturday, reaching the same latitude as Fuerteventura. I am now in Tarfaya, a lovely little town with the first open museum I have found!
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