One calendar year completed. I should have been home around 14 days ago. Whatever I do I seem unable to break from Cairo, and Egypt.

This thought is echoed at the Libyan Embassy. “Wait, wait.” I’m told. “Inshallah, it will be ready tomorrow.” It would be easy to point out that the will of Allah has nothing to do with it; that all it takes is for them to do something for 5 minutes and I’m out of their lives forever. It feels like I’ve never wanted anything more than to be leaving Cairo and be on my way out of Egypt. Waiting 2 weeks for a visa to come through wouldn’t feel half as bad, I know, if I hadn’t been stuck in Alexandria for a month already.

I felt very much over a barrel. All I could do is more waiting, more hoping. Now I have my visa, and will be continuing the journey early tomorrow morning, hopefully without any further delay.
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