A night on the Fens

Living in Cambridge has its advantages: friendly Nobel Prize winners, a near complete absence of hills, and countryside almost everywhere. So it doesn’t take long on my bike to end up in a small village of thatched cottages surrounded by fields where it will forever remain circa 1953, only with… Continue reading

On Man

The Isle of Man may not be the most exotic place to begin an adventure, but it has its advantages. It is close by, friendly in an I’m-not-too-keen-on-strangers sort of a way, and spectacularly beautiful. It is the sort of beauty that really doesn’t come out in photographs and which… Continue reading

Lost islands: A day on Ely

After Cambridge, the road barely changes in height, with no noticeable rises or dips. As the landscape makes its slow conversion into water-saturated farmland, the only height amid the fertile arable land comes from stacks of hay climbing high on Ministry of Defence land. Driving through the landscape, with water… Continue reading

On running

I certainly wouldn’t have started recreational running (I say ‘recreational’ since I’m neither quick nor elegant) if I made any money from foot modelling. What made me start was a need to get out the house, improve my fitness, and counter my consumption of cake, biscuits, and any other foodstuff… Continue reading