Awards: runner-up 2013 National Geographic Traveller travel writing competition

Contributor: ; Bradt’s Bus-Pass Britain Rides Again & Roam Alone: Inspiring Tales by Reluctant Travellers, Adventure Travel, Sidetracked, The Island Review, 101Holidays.com

Author: Encircle Africa: Around Africa by Public Transport.

Personal statement: I’m carving a career out of not doing what is expected of me; replacing medical research with a circumnavigation of Africa. If I’m not writing I’m reading, drinking tea or running. I’ve completed 8 half and 1 full marathon in the last 7 years.

Why encircleafrica.org?

Encircle Africa was Ian’s biggest adventure to date. Not only that, it was the first solo and unassisted circumnavigation of Africa by public transport!

In short, Ian visited 31 countries, and travelled a minimum 25,000 miles (40,000 kms) over 13 months using transport only available to local populations. There was no back-up team to get Ian out of sticky situations.

You can discover more about the expedition on the dedicated Encircle Africa page of this website, and get signed copies of Ian’s travelogue via the shop page.

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