My new book!

Today I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign for my new book Into adventure and sunshine.

Into adventure 3D cover

Based on my behind the lines adventure, it is a travelogue with a difference. More than 70 years in the making, it’s the story of my attempts to retrace my great uncle’s footsteps across 1,000 miles of North Africa and Italy, a journey he undertook not out of choice but as a conscript soldier in the Corps of Royal Engineers during the Second World War.

It is an everyman story he never told himself, and one that looks far beyond his personal experiences to uncover the hidden behind the lines side of a time and place we are rapidly losing an awareness of.

There’s a video introduction, short extract, and a lot more information on what you get out of supporting the campaign – not least a copy of the final paperback and the inclusion of your name as a supporter – on the official kickstarter crowdfunding page.

It would be great if you’d spend a couple of minutes (that’s all it takes) to look at the page and consider pledging for one of the rewards (but of course if it’s not for you that’s absolutely fine).

Either way, please do help me spread the word to anyone you think might be interested – family, friends, colleagues, geographers, historians, and book lovers among them.

Thanks in advance for your support, I truly appreciate it!

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