Working 9 to 5

Who wouldn’t want to be an adventurer, constantly scouring the earth for lost tribes, intriguing paths, and new species (or even sitting in a small flat desperately searching for additional sources of funding)? Most people with a mortgage to pay, some might respond. John Lennon one said something along the… Continue reading

On running

I certainly wouldn’t have started recreational running (I say ‘recreational’ since I’m neither quick nor elegant) if I made any money from foot modelling. What made me start was a need to get out the house, improve my fitness, and counter my consumption of cake, biscuits, and any other foodstuff… Continue reading

The biology of travel

Upper-class Georgian and Victorian folk – including the British royal family – are known to have expended a lot of energy taking in the healing air of the coast. Doctors don’t frequently prescribe travel as an alternative treatment for ailments any longer, but they could soon well be. As a… Continue reading