A few days in Dakar

Saka saka for dinner the first night, mainly because I had no idea what it was. A heavily reduced black/brown stew of chopped leaves, together with chunks of tender lamb and rice arrived. A lot nicer than it sounds, and surprisingly light!

Having been barred from reaching the Atlantic last night by the fences of a five star hotel, I walked along Dakar’s west cornishe to the most Westerly point on mainland Africa: Pointe des Almedies. For miles on the way out the ocean was blocked by plush housing. The point itself was a bit of a disappointment really; no tacky sign or anything, just an artisan market (not another one!) empty of tourists, and more private beaches.

Have also visited Goree island, the first former slave depot on my route. After a sticky climb up the basalt rock I find myself alone with the eagles fighting among themselves for food. There is little feeling of slavery, but there is one of tranquility and of confidence in itself now, rather than in former times. Its delapidated colonial buildings say “so what?”. The sound is of families enjoying themselves on the beach on a Saturday.

I’ve now reached Joal, and shall be heading off to Ndangane hopefully tomorrow.
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