50 miles a day – it’s that easy!

Welcome to the first of my Encircle Africa blogs. I’m sure this space will come to its own when I reach African soil next September (less than 10 months to go), but until then I’ll keep you updated on all the important preparatory information.

This will be where I give you the latest information from where I am and what I’m doing, along with some pictures to make you all jealous.

Encircle Africa was conceived some time ago as a gap year trip travelling from Britain to New Zealand’s South Island without using aircraft. It morphed at some point to the much more interesting prospect of travelling the entire coast of Africa, encircling the continent, and required four years of saving to pay for it.

Much to my surprise the endeavour has seemingly never been completed solo, without backup support and by using local transport options (as near as comes public transport in most of Africa’s coastal countries). So Encircle Africa might well be a first…

I cannot however take complete credit for such a trip, with Riaan Manser being insane enough to cycle the journey, and Kingsley Holgate and his family single handedly holding back malaria by distributing mosquito nets via four-wheeled drives and inflatable boats.

Encircle Africa is not a money-raising attempt, but I’m sure the good people of Oxfam would be willing to take whatever cash you fancy donating.

If you have anything at all to say, feel free to leave comments, or email me – I’m really a very friendly person!
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